World’s Ugliest Dog Dies at 14

Sam, the world’s ugliest dog, died today at the age of 14.

According to CNN’s article ‘Ugly dog’ Sam dies at 14:

At the time of his death, Sam was scheduled to be filmed for a Discovery Channel series on the world’s ugliest species.
Lockheed said she had Sam euthanized after a veterinarian told her Sam’s heart was failing.

She said she’s felt a little lost ever since, and is sleeping with Sam’s favorite toy — a stuffed bear he picked up and carried home.

“I have snuggled Sam under my blankets on my bed for six years,” said Lockheed, who has three other dogs named TatorTot, TinkerBell and PixieNoodle.

I’m actually suprised to feel a bit sad about Sam’s passing. I originally posted about him because I was absolutely repulsed, but in the end my curiosity has warmed me to the creepy little fella. It will be interesting to see who the Sonoma-Marin Fair will crown ugliest next year. Stay tuned.

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95 thoughts on “World’s Ugliest Dog Dies at 14

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  9. sara

    I think this dog is adorable. Very cute not at all ugly. And whoever says he is is cruel, mean, and probably ugly. I’m sure everyone who really cares about dogs agrees with me when I say this dog never deserved to be called ugly nor does any other dog. You wouldn’t like it if people called you the world’s uglyest person the dog didn’t like it either.P.S.I love him and I would take him.

  10. Polite Police

    I would greatly appreciate it if the following writers:gummy, conno, and delia would keep their personal insults and comments to themselves. This website is meant to discuss the opinions of a dog. I think that everyone who has read this page of comments would agree that you should keep to the subject and not make this website into a personal chat room where you can discuss your rude comments, disgusting thoughts, and foul language. By doing so it not only portrays your lack of maturity and moral values, but makes everyone see how you make your behavior deviate from what is acceptable.
    Thank you very much

  11. barbie

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  12. Ryan

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  13. Tom

    if i owned this dog i would piss in its breakfast and make old men empty their piss bags on it:)

  14. Tom

    this dog deserved to die, if i wre its owner id think it didnt deserve food so i would make it eat hamster droppings:)

  15. lucy

    i think this dog is sooo cute, i would love it to peices if it was my dog, i love it :-D

  16. rizzy

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  17. Cosmo

    Wow, rude and or filthy comments from Chaz, Ryan, Tom, Rizzy, Conno, Gummy and a couple of others (with filthy names) show their intelligence (severe lack of). I remember my first week in basic training (US Army)ages ago where some reference was made to steers and someone from Texas and something that rhymes with steers and someone from California. All of the rude individuals must be from California, hahaha. Either that or they are just immature little kids.

    Sam was a good dog with a good heart.

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  19. respect

    Hmmm… What should I Whrite? Wait! I know! La la la la la la la la la la la! I think the dog looks like he is dead. Look at his eyes… they looh like those of a blind corpse. But he’s still kind of cute.

  20. Rahul

    Wtf stop callin tht poor little baby ugly.What did he do to you people that we calling him ugly.Dont you people have respect for anything?Life isnt only about looking good its about wht you care.You people who writing these bad comments could be ugly too.Imagine a webpage on you and in which people leave comments.Just think about this coz even animals have a life and they never harmed us.Just comment on this if anyone has a shit to tell.



  21. jake and monique

    thankyou, roxanne you are totaly wright!!!that dog is cute!! it was just born like that. its not the dogs fault that he is not as cute has other dogs.

  22. Kind heart

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