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StadnykLately I have been getting a lot of incoming search terms related to my World’s Tallest Buildings Story. I have decided it must be my duty to research who holds this title. As with most things, there is slightly more complexity than a simple person’s name.
Hussein Bisad (7’9″) claims to be the world’s tallest man. However USAToday has an article about Leonid Stadnyk (8’4″) and far more likely to hold the title. However, Guinness Book says Xi Shun (7’8.95″) is the tallest. Who officially beat the previous record holder Radhouse Charbib by 0.07 in. Charbib has since passed away.

So who’s tallest Stadnyk, Bisad, or Shun? I can’t say definitively, but I believe it is Stadnyk.

A more commonly accepted and therefore more simple answer is who’s the tallest person ever. This is assuredly Robert Pershing Wadlow (8’11.1″) who died in Alton, Illinois weighing 490 pounds.

I think it is also important to note that the tallet known living woman is De-Fen Yao who supposedly stands 7’8.5″. Though Guinness claims it is Sandy Allan (7’7″).

Guinness Book of World Records: Tallest Man – Living

Stadnyk: Leonid Stadnyk
Wikipedia (Deutsch): Leonid Stadnyk

Celebrities Worldwide: Bedding the Worlds Tallest Man!
Flickr Image
Franco Shoes: Mr Big Foot

Alton Museum of History: Robert Pershinng Wadlow
Guinness Boook of World Records: Tallest Man

Google weighs in on question too. They seem to accept Guinness as the authority, yet recognize the existance of Stadnyk.

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  1. Josiah


  2. Pauline

    i know how you feel i’ve watched t.v and done lots of research. They say that people make-fun,point at you and laugh. I dont want you to
    feel bad. Okay?? so i hope you survive because
    nearly every tall personn die because of the tumor
    (or if thats how you spell it) iin your head. which is like a bomb. BYE

    P.S dont want to be mean

  3. jeff

    I just saw a documentary on TDC that showed the tallest man in the world. He is a 36 year old man from the Ukrane. He is 8′-8 1/2″.

  4. macy

    dang i wish i could do that i am just 5ft. tall and 16 years old i hate being really short cause people always call me midget

  5. pat klein

    fuck the tall people…fuck em all!!! i hate the fuckin tall people!!goddamnit all…y you have to make fun of the short people of the fuckin world asshole!! fuck all the tall people..i don give a fuck

  6. Xiao Yiyi

    WOW! So.. I’ve done some research and it appears that The white man Leonid Stadnyk is the tallest at 8’4″, which is over 7 inches taller than Xi Shun, who is the equal 2nd tallest (7’9″) Xi Shun is a MONGOLIAN – they were nomadic turkish tribes that conquered China centuries ago.

    However here’s something.. Leonid Stadnyk continues to grow today! Xi Shun and Hussein Bisad (both equal height) has STOPPED growing. I think in a few years Stadnyk might even challenge Robert Wadlow (the tallest American that ever lived 8’11”) for the record.

    Btw that Chinese guy in the first photo looks tall only because the Chinese ppl surrounding him is quite short. Anyways, His name is Xiao Wen and he’s 7’7″ inches. Bye.

  7. Zenny Bao

    At 8′8″ Leonid Stadnyk is almost 8.5 inches (23cm) taller than the Mongolian Xi Shun (7’9″) Even if Leonid height is adjusted for accuracy, he would still be taller because 8.5 inches is a LOT.

    Btw these very tall people may have larger Penis, but it’s very difficult to get erection because it requires tremendous amount of blood flow. That’s why you see big black penis are almost always flaccid because it requires huge effort to get it up.

    I’d rather have a nice (6-8 inch) VERY HARD dick, than a 12″ soft cock. Lol

  8. jeylo

    A Big dick is not worth the effort required to get it up. Believe me, I know. Anything over 7+ inches is frustratingly difficult to get erect, because you need much more blood flow.

  9. johnny

    What are you guys going on about his penis size for? I’m 6’5 and I’m not big (or small so dont make fun..)
    stop stereotyping you idiots. Would you really want to be that tall? even if you’re really short I bet he has a much harder life than you being watched like a freak.

  10. sofia

    dang thats tall! i saw this man that was tall like heck. he was chineese. weird! people should not make fun of him, cuz if u was like that u wouldnt want people making fun of u! and u should not say all those bad words people have been saying. COME ON ITS A WEBSITE! PEOPLE READ THIS STUFF!!!!!!!! act matture.

  11. $0#!@ _ 94

    Im wondering alot of stuff about this guy. He got big feet! what size he uses??? the clothe must be XXX Larg!!!!!. hope this guy dont get made fun of.

  12. Dawnamaria

    What stupid comments these all are !!! The man is humble and sweet and hardworking and all you all can do is think of hie size !! He is a good GOOD person and I would love to meet him for his character not for his size.

  13. EL

    Fuck dat! Robert Waldow was the tallest man in the world. He was 8’11.1 inches. He wieghed in at 390 lbs at the age of 20. Sadly died at the age of 22. So therefore, Hussein Bisad can take this title

  14. lerena sanders

    he an’t that tall just cause he can sit in a chair and toutch the selling it an’t like he can toutch the clouds.u could save the o’s or the aw’s for the most shortest people

  15. Kayla

    I don’t like the sound of all those lists he’s making – it’s like intriguing too multitudinous notes at seminary; you experience you’ve achieved something when you haven’t.

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