67 thoughts on “World’s Largest Pig – Hogzilla II

  1. Rodreguiz Louis

    Kid, your a douche! You shithead why the fuck would u kill that pig…what the hell did he do to you!!!!!

  2. kendel

    That is awesome, my brothers would have fainted if they would have come across a hog that big, I think their dogs would have give er hell though, nice shot. Great story to tell!!

  3. right man

    that bull crap is fake he just got in the background and acted like he is resting his arms on it,i’m not stupid!!!!!! MORON!!!!

  4. Drock

    People are stupid if they believe this. There are smaller pigs then this that weigh almost 2000lbs. 1000lbs is not even close to what an animal like that would weigh. It is sad that the person who make this fake is to dumb to realize 1000lbs is to small, it is even more sad that people believe it.

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