Pet Monkey – $18.95

Pet Monkey - $18.95

According to this advertisement I found in 1966’s Amazing Spider-Man #44, you could apparently buy a “darling monkey” for $18.95.

The ad goes on to say:

The Squirrel Monkey makes an adorable pet and amusing companion. Show it affection and enjoy its company. Almost human with its warm eyes, your family will love it. These YOUNG monkeys grow about 12 inches high. Eats same food as you do (even likes lollipops, simple to care for and train. FREE cage. FREE leather collar & leash, monkey toy, and instructions included. Live delivery guaranteed. Only 18.95 express collect. Mail check or money order for $18.95 to: Animal Farm, Dept. MA-25 Box 1042, Miami Beach 39, FLA.

Now I understand some strange stuff went on in the 60’s but selling baby monkeys to random comic reading kids is just plain terrible. In fact, “squirrel monkeys” are now listed on the endangered species list. Of course I’m completely ignoiring the seahorses advertised above, somehow that’s slightly less disturbing.

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98 thoughts on “Pet Monkey – $18.95

  1. Perry

    DUDE I WANT THIS FREAKING MONKEY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I WILL GIVE YOU 19$!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE but i need to make it okay with my dad

  2. nana

    About 40 years ago my uncle orded a monkey thru the mail. I was there when it arrived in a big crate. The monkey he named “jojo” and it lived for quite a while

  3. Bailey

    Jackson i’m interested in the monkey how much are you asking 4??? let me know A.S.A.P!!!

  4. bryce

    hey in interested in ur monkey ill pay more then all of thes fools iv been reding and reserching about them for years.ill pay $40

  5. Nix

    I must say, there’s some staggeringly impressive dumb in these comments. I suspect you tapped a previously-unknown seam of disturbing googlejuice…

  6. trevor


  7. Waila

    i my name in waila and i realy want a finger monky i am 12 years old. i live in malaysia but iam fron new zealand. i realy want a finger monky because i love animals and i am loving and cering. So please contact me. LOVE waila

  8. Ѕαsнα Dανγ

    ohh qod…..i totally want a pet monkey! i really do want one soo bad. i will totally take care of it and it would be the happiest monkey ever! please could you qive me some more information about how to qet the monkey at——–> and i would really appreciate it. =•]

  9. Jessica

    Some of the people on this page are probably joking, but sadly I think others seriously think they can mail order a monkey in 2010.

    Reading is not just for books. Read the text below the ad!

  10. Craig P.

    I didn’t know they were still doing this into the 1960s…. my dad actually had bought one from a comic when he was a teenager in the 1950s… in New Mexico! He said it was one of the biggest mistakes of his life; it was a terror, untrainable, bit people, completely wrecked the house and eventually went missing until he found it dead in the hallway closet!

  11. Heidi

    I am really interested in getting a monkey. If you still have it, can you email me information please! thank you !

  12. youpplareidiots

    do these ppl realise this was a 1966 advertisement… READ THE FUCKING TEXT UNDER IT… ppl bought all kinds of stange pets at markets back then rich ppl had all kinds. like those english brothers had a lion (or maybe it was a tiger) there was a whole doco on it…it got too big for their place so they eventually set it free in africa or something. anyway this kind of thing hasnt been done for years. move to india or somewhere like that where u can keep pet monkeys but stop asking about this $18 monkey..its from the 60s numbskulls

  13. Bill K

    A lot of the monkeys for sale in the US came from these. The monkey arrived, half dead and mean to unsuspecting kids that expected a trained “adorable” monkey. These things bit and generally tore up homes all over the US. My friend had one and I have the scar to prove it. Most of the monkeys either were put to “breeding” or “put down”. When the afore mentioned monkey bit my friends father, he threw it down on the kitchen floor. When it kept screaming with a broken back, he, (the father) ended up taking it out side and throwing it in the trash can. I remember me and my friend got it out. It was snapping as any hurt animal would. We killed it to put it out of the pain. I cut it’s head off with an axe. I was all of 8 at the time. I think it lived 5 days total after delivery. To this day I can’t stand being around monkeys.

  14. Critrarma

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  15. tonya

    for the kid who wrote he was 8 and cut off the monkeys head u were 8 u had no right having an axe and to repeat that story u must still be messed up from it sorry about ur child hood anyone else who knows where to get a llve monkey plz email me thanks

  16. Red322

    Tonya, you’re an idiot. First fo all, in the 60’s (especially in the mid west and down south) 8 year old boys COMMONLY had 22 rifles, axes, pocket knives. They all wanted to be Davey Crockett. He cut the poor monkey’s head off because it was in pain and couldn’t be helped. He was trying to end it’s suffering the quickest way he could without being further attacked. It was probably traumitizing for him, and he acknowledges to this day being around monkeys still bothers him. As it probably would any normal healthy person who had such a heart wrenching experience at such a young age.

    2nd it is now 2011. Almost all states have rules against owning “non human primates” as pets (which leads me to wonder if a human primate IS an acceptable pet in those states….) but even places where you CAN have a monkey, like FL, you would’t just order it by mail. It’l like adopting a child. You need to form a bond, have instruction on how to care for it, make sure it was properly cared for before you getting custody of it and be prepared for all the challenges that entails. I can tell just by your post you are absolutely NOT mature or responsible enough to have a pet monkey. Or seahorse for that matter.

  17. tonya

    first of all i am a foster parent and have 9 children not to mention a registered nurse so dont tell me about being responsible i was stating my opion which last i checked i live in america its legal sorry if i offended u or anyone else but u seem like a child calling names and i never said anything about a monkey by mail but im an idiot thats funny and once again anyone with info on where to get a monkey let me know my husband used to have a recess monkey im sure we could handle it but im not intrested in a sea horse sorry

  18. josiah

    i am very interested in getting a monkey. please contact me back asap about your monkeys

  19. kerri smith

    wow i really want a money if u have one plz tell me cause I WANT A MONKEY. if u see on for sale tell me thank u.

  20. Huey

    I bought one. It arrived half starved and in the cage with the leash on it. When I let it out it made a mess of the house. About 5 days later after it had bitten all of us and 1 of my friend, my Dad was at the table eating supper and it came up and peed in my Dads plate. My Dad yelled and grabbed it by his legs and broke his spine over the kitchen chair. All it could do was lay on the floor and screech. My Dad kicked it and it bounced off the fridge, and kept screeching. He took it out and threw it hard into the trash can and told me to leave it there> My friend and I got it out, took it over to his house and cut it’s head off with an axe so it wouldn’t be in pain. I guess that’s why I hate monkeys yet today.

  21. BillK

    Tonya, First off it’s Rhesus monkey, 2nd if you have 9 kids and still want a monkey there is something wrong with you. I’d like to know what a “nurse” would have done in my shoes. Would you have let the little thing set in the garbage and suffer to death?
    I watched a story about a woman who wanted a monkey because she couldn’t have kids, since yours are foster you may be in the same boat. Monkeys are horrible pets and should be left to nature.
    I feel sorry for you if you have no sense of pity for an 8 year old kid that did the best he could, even more I feel sorry for your kids. They sure don’t fill what ever need you have if you still want a monkey, and if you still want one knowing you would be putting your children in danger from a wild animal.
    BTW Hi “Huey” drop me a line.

  22. dallas

    Dude how do you buy them and I live in newalbany Indiana can I still get one for 20.00 if you ship it to me….if you can text me on my phone at 502 794 2593

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