Nintendo Announces Revolutionary Revolution Controller

Yesterday Nintendo announced at Tokyo Game Show, details about the controller for their next-generation video game system, titled “The Revolution.” On first glance the controller looks lame, but the distaste ends there. The more I see and read about this thing the more I want to get my hands on it.

In what I’m certain will be a hugely controversial move, the basic controller is one handed and looks more like a remote than a controller. However, a chip inside the controller can track its position and orientation. This allows physical movements of the controller to be represented as in game motion or general input. Imagine slashing a weapon or aiming a gun just by pointing.

You can also switch to the ‘Nunchaku’ configuration where an expansion controller plugs in for the other hand giving additional buttons and an analog stick. The two controllers are then connected by a short cord.

In my opinion, the key to this controller is that anyone can pick it up and start playing. It is fundamentally intuitive. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you handed someone a controller and watched them leaning and moving the controller all around in front of them? Sure this is usually parents, girlfriends, or generally non-gamer types (obviously there are exceptions to those stereotypes), but I want the whole family to actually be able to play games together. I want to fish with nephew, fight with my niece, play party games with my grandmother, etc. Currently the console is something I turn off when people come over, it would be a lot of fun to have anyone play.

But it’s not just for beginners, this interface is far more natural for first person shooters. Aim with one controller, walk with the other. The uses of this are endless, hopefully the games are made available.

Finally I am actually excited about a next generation system. If Nintendo can produce the right selection of games satisfying all different types of gamers, advanced especially, the Revolution could in fact revolutionize the industry.

Don’t think Sony doesn’t realize the industry is changing, just look at their involvement with the DDR pad, the Eye Toy, and microphone input. They are trying this too, but haven’t realized the simple answer is a massive improvement of the basic controller. Microsoft just doesn’t get it at all. They are addressing only the “bigger and better” sort of needs. That will only take them so far. This combined with much higher anticipated price points could finally put Nintendo back in the game.

From GameSpot:

Overall, despite its unorthodox appearance, the Revolution controller has a comfortable feel. The assorted demos on hand also indicated that playing Revolution games will be a more active, physical experience than playing current-generation games. Whether a player uses the pointer mechanic to actively control onscreen action or uses two hands to take advantage of attachments, the Revolution controller will likely change how games are played.

Still don’t believe me? Skeptical? This is just an Ad, but it shows a level of fun I haven’t found with a group of varying skill leveled friends since Super Smash Brothers…

Must Watch Video on IGN

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6 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Revolutionary Revolution Controller

  1. Matt

    “When was the last time you handed someone a controller and watched them leaning and moving the controller all around in front of them?”

    Wario Ware: Twisted! for the GBA comes to mind. Perhaps that was a preview?

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