Man Commits Suicide With Homemade Guillotine

I’m all for do-it-yourself projects, but this is ridiculous!

A guy in Belmont, NH built a homemade guillotine which he used to commit suicide. This guy was pretty serious though as he setup a fairly intricate “bomb” setup with 12-16 ounce bottles and gasoline as an apparent failsafe. According to descriptions, the device was intended to detonate using electricity. This “bomb” was built to burn down down the place, not for explosive purposes.

According to The Citizen:

[Belmont Police] found the man dead in what appeared to have been a homemade guillotine — a device designed to behead its victim.

Authorities said the man had been dead of the apparent suicide for some time.

… subsequent investigation turned up bottles of gasoline that had been placed into the walls of the home with electrical wires coming out of each — a discovery that prompted police to call the fire department.

Authorities cut power to the home after determining that the device inside was designed to detonate using electricity.

Of course Sara says this guy needs props for his creativity. She said “heck, they hardly ever put gunshots in the paper anymore!”

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7 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide With Homemade Guillotine

  1. Mike D

    This reminds me of the urban legend where someone goes to a bridge with super glue and some piano wire. He ties the piano wire around his neck and glues his hands (fingers pointed down) to the sides of his head. Tying the other end of the wire to the bridge, he jumps, decapitating himself and leaving his bloody, headless corpse dangling over the highway holding his head in his hands.

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