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Nintendo Announces Revolutionary Revolution Controller

Yesterday Nintendo announced at Tokyo Game Show, details about the controller for their next-generation video game system, titled “The Revolution.” On first glance the controller looks lame, but the distaste ends there. The more I see and read about this thing the more I want to get my hands on it.

In what I’m certain will be a hugely controversial move, the basic controller is one handed and looks more like a remote than a controller. However, a chip inside the controller can track its position and orientation. This allows physical movements of the controller to be represented as in game motion or general input. Imagine slashing a weapon or aiming a gun just by pointing.

You can also switch to the ‘Nunchaku’ configuration where an expansion controller plugs in for the other hand giving additional buttons and an analog stick. The two controllers are then connected by a short cord.

In my opinion, the key to this controller is that anyone can pick it up and start playing. It is fundamentally intuitive. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you handed someone a controller and watched them leaning and moving the controller all around in front of them? Sure this is usually parents, girlfriends, or generally non-gamer types (obviously there are exceptions to those stereotypes), but I want the whole family to actually be able to play games together. I want to fish with nephew, fight with my niece, play party games with my grandmother, etc. Currently the console is something I turn off when people come over, it would be a lot of fun to have anyone play.

But it’s not just for beginners, this interface is far more natural for first person shooters. Aim with one controller, walk with the other. The uses of this are endless, hopefully the games are made available.

Finally I am actually excited about a next generation system. If Nintendo can produce the right selection of games satisfying all different types of gamers, advanced especially, the Revolution could in fact revolutionize the industry.

Don’t think Sony doesn’t realize the industry is changing, just look at their involvement with the DDR pad, the Eye Toy, and microphone input. They are trying this too, but haven’t realized the simple answer is a massive improvement of the basic controller. Microsoft just doesn’t get it at all. They are addressing only the “bigger and better” sort of needs. That will only take them so far. This combined with much higher anticipated price points could finally put Nintendo back in the game.

From GameSpot:

Overall, despite its unorthodox appearance, the Revolution controller has a comfortable feel. The assorted demos on hand also indicated that playing Revolution games will be a more active, physical experience than playing current-generation games. Whether a player uses the pointer mechanic to actively control onscreen action or uses two hands to take advantage of attachments, the Revolution controller will likely change how games are played.

Still don’t believe me? Skeptical? This is just an Ad, but it shows a level of fun I haven’t found with a group of varying skill leveled friends since Super Smash Brothers…

Must Watch Video on IGN

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Bush Finally Takes Responsibility

I have complained loudly about the president on many occasions. I feel he has led us into bad situations and made foolish decisions time and again. As part of this I’ve felt with each mistake has come a redirection of blame, or a series of excuses. Some have even started a call to impeach Bush. With all that went wrong in initially responding to Hurricane Katrina, I was sure the president would once again redirect blame.

Instead I was shocked to see the follwing video on Bush on Failed Rescue: ‘I Take Responsibility’

Thank you for finally being an adult Mr. President. I’m here to say the American people appreciate honesty.

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Lipstick Lesbians Trash P-Hop

lipstickPlymouth House of Pizza, Plymouth, NH: Approximately 12:15 Monday, September 12th, a colleague, having lunch with her friend noticed a couple “going at it” in a booth next to her. They were horizontal, laying down with hands up each other’s shirts. Knowing the owner of the establishment, she pointed out the activities. At this point she noticed these were in fact two women. She describes them as “lipstick lesbians.” The explicit behavior was deemed to be inappropriate, gender mix regardless, the proprietor promptly instructed the lipstick lesbians to “break it up.” At this point the lipstick lesbians became a bit twitchy, they started spouting innumerable expletives. The owner of the establishment then asked the couple to vacate the premises. They became enraged, but left without paying for their meal.

Approximately 10 minutes later they returned, far angrier than before. As they stormed back in, they shouted at the proprietor, “you’re just jealous you can’t get p***y or d**k!” They began hollering, uttering additional expletives. They walked up to the counter and violently cleared it off. Plymouth House of Pizza began a tempest of flying restaurant paraphernalia. As they loudly laid waste to P-Hop, they made their way back out into the entranceway. As first hand accounts of the proprietor would later reveal, one of the assailants proceeded to strip off the blouse, revealing the other’s mammary. Lipstick lesbian #1 yelled “Wanna see what I can do?!?” and placed her mouth on the naked breast.

They then ran to their car, squealing away.

When asked for comment, the quotable local Jenny Sweedler said loudly, “This would not have been acceptable with a man and a man or a man woman combo.”

The following account is a true story. Fun to write, but absolutely true. No lipstick lesbians were directly harmed in the making of this story, and the anonymous assailants are still at large.

(Co-authored by [Co-Author Name Removed By Request].)
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A Useful Attribute, Clear Left

Often I write articles that I want an image on the left with text around it. This is as simple as putting align="left" in the img tag. However, sometimes you want a portion of the text to not be wrapped, or you have only a small amount of text and don’t want your technorati tags or next story to get wrapped up next to the image.

In either of these cases, simply use: <br clear="left" />

Another quick tip for WordPress users is using <div style="height:100px"></div> to make some empty space in a post. An exaple place where I needed this was in writing quizzes.

Update 5/8/2006: Jon tells me I’m a big jerk for not additionally mentioning you can use “right” or “both” in place of “left” to clear other things you may want to do.

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Alphabetic Series of Screw-Ups

On an Ed Helms Daily Show segment titled “Beleaguered Bush“, they come up with an alphabetic list of the Bush Administration‘s major disasters.

Check it out:

Abu Graib
Bin Laden
Failure to Find WMDs
John Bolton
Mars Attacks
North Korea
Osama & Jenna
Pregnancy: Osama & Jenna
Queer Revolt
Rodents of Unusual Size
Syrian War
Unicyclists, Nuclear
X-Rated Tape: Osama & Jenna
Yam Shortage
Zero People Left on Earth

They left out ‘G’ which is depressing. Anyone got anything great to put in for ‘G’? Comment and let me know.
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Being Sara

Sara has decided to get in on the blogging craze. Until she commits to this long term, she’s being hosted as a sub-site of NoSheep!

In her own words, she explains what her blog will be about and why she blogs:

I am an assessment worker for the Division for Children Youth and Families. My days are spent working with families who may or may not be able to keep their children safe. I see kids every day who have been abused or neglected, and some of their situations are incredibly sad, frustrating, and sometimes quite scary.


So, my goal in blogging is to let a few more people into my world, into my head. My hope is that maybe if someone reads this, they will have a little more insight into me, and I won’t feel so disconnected.

Update: Sara now has her own domain at BeingSara.Com.
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Barbara Bush Detached From Reality

The famous quote “Let them eat cake…” which was probably never uttered by Marie Antoinette. She supposedly said this upon hearing that the lower classes of France were starving, lacking mainly bread. Regardless of its true origin, the quote has repeatedly been used to refer to the rich or empowered being horribly out of touch with the common man, so out of touch that they would utter something horribly ignorant in the face of their suffering.

Now undeniably, a quote like this has been uttered, recorded, and cannot ever be defended with some obscure hope for contextual justification.

While visiting the Hurricane Katrina refugees, Barbara Bush said:

“And so many of the people in the arenas here you know, were underprivileged anyway. This is working very well for them.”

So unforgivable… Explains a bit more about the ignorance and lack of sensitivity in her son George.

From The National Ledger: Barbara Bush: Let Them Eat Cake

With this one unfortunate slip of the tongue, a few moments of a radio interview, she has gone far towards helping us more clearly paint the economic boundaries of America in 2005. The lives of these people, in effect, really had no value without money. Losing your house, friends, community, and sense of place is a good thing. Be our guests, and we might even feed you some cake if you’re good boys and girls.

If you still don’t believe it, listen to the MP3.

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