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Sathorn Unique

From Riding Out the Economy:

In 1997 Thailand, especially Bangkok, was hit hard by the Asian Financial Crisis. Much like the bursting of the housing bubble in the States that inspired this website, the Thai Baht collapsed in 1997 due to a serious overextension of real estate. During the earlier years of the 90s, Thailand was the largest growing economy in the world, growing over 9% annually and speculators were going wild. Ghost towers are scattered throughout the city and major roads are flanked by half finished pylons ready to become super highways. Unfortunately, Thailand was also taking on a lot of foreign debt, bankrupting the country and causing the baht to collapse.

Minisode 2: Urban Vertical Splunking from Riding Out The Economy on Vimeo.

Plastic Wrap Prank of PSU Alumni Director

Under the direction of Sara and with help of Matt, we completely plastic wrapped Plymouth State University’s Alumni Director, Joe Long. It took us 19 rolls of plastic wrap and 3.5 hours to complete, but it was well worth the effort to greet him with this upon returning from vacation.

I can’t wait for the inevitable retaliation…

A couple previous pranks:

Augmented Reality Games

I’ve been interested in the concept of augmented reality for awhile now, but this video really pushed home the potential for gaming. I can just imagine something like what is shown here with zombie killing in a tower defense style with “Arghhhh” being applied to a multiplayer cooperative and/or competitive experience.

Hearing that this capability may be coming to the iPhone in 3.1 as early as September is very intriguing.

Spider-Woman Motion Comic Trailer

I am very curious about this new endeavor Marvel is about to embark on with motion comics. Frankly, I’m skeptical. However, with Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev at the helm of this project, I am eagerly awaiting the results. This trailer rocks and certainly has increased my excitement. The full first episode (issue?) will be revealed at ComicCon on Friday 7/24. Hopefully the release will not be too far delayed beyond then.